3006 Combination Rifle Shotgun

3006 Combination Rifle Shotgun Side by Side

3006 Combination Side by Side Rifle Shotgun

This Combination Rifle Shotgun is built on the traditional side-by-side platform.

It comes with interchangeable traditional side by side shotgun barrel and rifle barrel configurations. This example has .3006 rifle barrels.

This rifle / shotgun has game species hand engraved and signed by the engraver, also featuring 24 carat gold inlay and London style fine scroll engraving. The action release lever has been sculpted as a wild boars head.

The engraving depicts the type of quarry this would be used for, wild boar, deer, and game birds when fitted with the shotgun barrels.

This rifle shotgun is in stock and made to generic measurements.

These combinations are also made to bespoke orders and customers measurements.

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